What happened to college?

January 17, 2010

We are artists. That’s what we studied! Music to be specific.  Well, with random ventures into theatre, dance, photography, creative writing, languages, as well as a plethora of other academic treasure hunts. And then, something strange happened.  They handed us a piece of paper and said, “well, you’ve learned what we wanted you to learn. Thanks for playing!” and shot us out into “the real world.”  Looking around, we found something serious missing. Creative collaboration.  Up until that point it had been ubiquitous.

Now, just because we were plopped down in “the real world” doesn’t mean that we immediately settled into a 9-5 job and landed ourselves with a solid existential crisis about the futility of working. Well, not entirely. One of us went to grad school for music, which might seem like it’s still college, but there’s just enough free time in grad school to make you realize that you have to fill your life with more than classes and hanging out with friends. One of us became a kindergarten teacher, moved to Arizona to become part of a conservation corps, and then the director of a children’s gym. And yet, we knew that there was something missing still.

And one of us at some point managed to get married and that may very well void all artist status! Regardless, we both still have the same steady drive pulsing inside of us.  The drive…to do everything.

But having a Marine husband now factored into the equation didn’t change anything about our past and future exploits. Ballroom dancing and swing dance lessons? Let’s go. Rock-climbing? Aerial dance? Trapeze classes? No-brainer. Voice lessons? Taking a cooking class at a culinary school? Yes please. There was even a brief foray into writing a book. But the problem with wanting to do everything is that it’s hard to actually do everything AND bring it to completion. It’s a shame that being a dilettante has such a bad rap, because truthfully, that’s what we are: proficient dabblers. The Ambassadors of the Amateur, the Connoisseurs of Creativity, the…you get the point.

When you don’t give up your creative drive after college, adventures ensue.  That is kind of what this blog is all about.  Among all the bill paying, long hours at work, planning meals, commutes, and general business of everyday life, we find the time to engage and expand our creative minds. Well, to the best of our ability. Art is our other full time job.